Thursday, 25 February 2021

Walnut Wood Flooring Review

Walnut is a common name for about 20 distinct species such as deciduous trees.

Approximately six of these grow in Northern America, the USA and Canada. These have a tendency to be of a darker variety since the sample here shows. The walnut itself will display a number of the linear lines but you will also see marblezation and swirls within the grain pattern.

Quite frequently the sapwood for what the milder parts will look naturally as a yellow or syruppy color. These are subsequently stained, darken the wood and give it complete a more consistent tone.

Whilst it is not quite a robust or as durable as oak, typically the floors will be tremendously finished with a number of layers of security. Other species of walnut derived from Europe, Asia and South America, though these are inclined to be milder and more will have more color variation.

Floor Sanding Dagenham provides a variety of walnut flooring in solid (100% wood) and engineered (timber top layer with manmade backing) to match residential and commercial projects. These can be found in a number of sizes (width and thickness), grades and finish. They come with 10 years guarantee for additional peace of mind.