Monday, 14 October 2019

Matt Oak Flooring Keeps The Natural Beauty Of The Wood

Lacquered oak flooring is recognized among the roughest and most resistant flooring alternatives available, however, until lately lacquered finishes have meant an end look that has a small shine. For anybody seeking a truly matt finish, until now, the only real choice is to choose a oiled finish. But today this has changed.

At Floor Sanding Dagenham we're thrilled to let you know we now have a little inventory of matt oak flooring available so you can enjoy the very best of both worlds. These three floors have been treated with a matt lacquer and look like oiled flooring but boast all the benefits of a lacquer finish. Let us introduce them one by one:

Select Engineered Oak Flooring that's Click System and Matt Lacquered

This Select Engineered Oak Flooring that is Click System and Matt Lacquered is ideal if you're looking for a really natural looking wood floor that is fast and simple to fit. The click system employed in the creation of the floor means your floor boards literally click into place. Add to the advantage and speed of matching, the fantastic appearance of the floor and you will see why our customers believe it is a true winner.

Though it has a lacquered finish, because the lacquer is matt, you'd be forgiven for believing the finish used here is oil. A wonderful wide plank, this warm honey coloured floor will enhance any room -- modern or traditional.

Prime Engineered Oak Flooring in Herringbone, White Grey Brushed and Matt Lacquered -- 582mm

This floor is as stylish as it is hardwearing and is difficult to beat if you're looking for something just Floor Sanding Dagenham we're delighted to say that it is now very much back in demand.
a tiny bit different. Herringbone flooring has existed for a very long time but moved slightly out of fashion for a while. In

This floor again includes a matt lacquer finish and using its white grey brushed remedy it looks like it's been created with a stately home or castle in your mind. The colouring is really subtle, which means that although this is a contemporary spin on a traditional concept, you could safely use it in pretty much any setting.

In fact, we have seen this option used in both cutting edge modern interiors and in casual, more conventional settings and it works tremendously well in each. The most important thing is that with this solution, you truly can't go wrong. This particular option has boards that are just beneath 60cm long whereas this choice, Prime Engineered Oak Flooring at Herringbone, White Grey Brushed and Matt Lacquered -- 790mm the boards are just under 80cm long. Which you plump for will be based on the size of your room and the nature of your particular project.

It's good news that lacquer is now coming in a stylish, matt finish. We have always been fans of lacquered flooring in Wood and Beyond, but we're conscious that not everyone enjoys the shine that normally includes this option. This brand new range we have implies that you can get the best of both worlds, enjoying matt bamboo floors which keeps the natural beauty of the timber at the fore.